Hyperlite Evo Pod

Hyperlite Evo Pod

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Here it is! The Hyperlite Evo Pod! Printed in TPU, available in a variety of colors, either with or without the GoPro platform.

The pod replaces the standoffs and top plate, and mounts to the Evo frame via the standard screw hole locations. Longer screws are encouraged.

Designed to work with HS1177 style cameras, the pod allows for 20-60° of camera angle.

Accessing your electronics within the pod is easy. There are holes on each side allowing access to the flight controller, a hold on top to access the top of your stack, and finally a hole on the back, complete with zip tie slots, for mounting your vtx.

Weight: 22 Grams(GoPro Version) 20 Grams(Without GoPro) Hardware removed is 16 grams

Designed by Alejandro "Banq" Bancalari in collaboration with Brain3D and BMC3D.