V3 Chameleon Session Mount

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An update to the V2 BMC3D Chameleon mount, the V3 is rock solid on the frame with no need for straps, wedges or anything of the sort. Using 20mm standoffs, it mounts in between the aluminum brackets, above the adjustable carbon fiber plate, strengthening the front portion of the frame. This mount is is set at 30° and is NOT adjustable. FPV camera angle is limited to about 45° but that's more than enough for most freestyle pilots. At extreme angles, the mount may be partially visible in the FPV feed depending on what camera/lens is used.

Two alternate versions of the mount also accommodate your receiver antennas. One to hold antenna tubes for a standard 2-antenna diversity receiver, and another for the Immortal-T antenna for TBS Crossfire setups.

As always, this mount is printed in durable TPU and available in variety of colors.