FR7 Platypus Antenna Mount

FR7 Platypus Antenna Mount

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The antenna mount from the "official" FR7 Thingiverse set.

Assembly will not accept the TBS bulkhead style coax connector. MMCX coax will need to be a 90 deg MMCX connector, 10cm length seems to work well. Works with 18x18 Micro Ublox GPS.

  • Diversity: designates Crossfire Diversity shelf
  • Mach3: designates Mach3 shelf
  • Unify HV UFL: designates Unify HV (800 mW ufl connector) shelf
  • Unify HV MMCX: designates Unify HV SE (1000 mW mmcx connector) shelf
  • Double SMA: accepts double SMA coax connectors

Choose from any of the available styles.

  • R1
  • Diversity R1
  • Mach3 R1
  • Diversity Mach3 R1
  • Unify HV Ufl R1
  • Diversity Unify HV Ufl R1
  • Unify HV MMCX R1
  • Diversity Unify HV MMCX R1


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