Hey, I'm Brent Collier. I own and operate BMC3D in Rocklin, California.

My passion for design and printing started as a hobby back in 2015. I was constantly making new parts for my miniquads and showing them off. Soon people began offering money to make parts for them. By 2016 I was so busy that I decided to open an online store just to make it easier and suddenly BMC3D was born.

Printing & Design

Most of my printers are Maker Select V2s from Monoprice. I also have a few FlashForge Creator Pros. They are all equipped with Flexion extruders, which work great with TPU filament from Sainsmart.

I use Fusion 360 for design and Simplify3D for slicing STL files.

Feel free to contact me with design/printing/slicing questions. I'm always happy to help people out, even though they sometimes become competitors. 😂